THRIVE GLOBAL: How Small Businesses Can Transform to Sustain Beyond the Pandemic

In an interview featured in Thrive Global, Whitney explains how a crisis or market disruption can magnify problems within a business that weren’t as obvious during more stable times. Once these issues come to light, however, there’s an opportunity to make changes. When a crisis happens, Whitney encourages small business owners to focus on their core value proposition and find creative solutions that help them sustain their businesses during times of hardship and beyond. 

Entrepreneurs are more skilled at most than adapting to rapidly evolving circumstances, and that flexibility is incredibly helpful in times of crisis. As an innovator and entrepreneur herself, Whitney is passionate about helping small businesses that depend on their brick-and-mortar presence figure out how to adjust their products or services when circumstances force them to change their business model. 

Whitney highlights specific ways she has helped small business clients come up with original solutions tailored to their situations. It’s more than stemming short-term revenue losses; it’s about creating new ways to reach customers and grow your business for the future.