Whether implementing a multibillion-dollar merger  integration, improving a major city's operational performance, launching an e-commerce department for a multibillion-dollar company, or coaching startup CEOs, her insights, integrity, and boundless energy lead to results and have earned her the trust of countless leaders. 

Whitney uses her talents to catalyze big change, launch new ventures, and coach current and emerging rockstars. 

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maximizer of people


through it all, whitney prioritizes           in everything she does and lives life on her own terms.

through it all, whitney prioritizes         in everything
she does and lives life on her own terms.

Afara Global is an innovation firm she has led since its inception in 2011. Through Afara Global, Whitney applies principles of rigorous analysis, customized strategy development, and detail-obsessed implementation to guide organizations in seizing opportunities for improvement and growth. Whitney’s exceptional focus and discernment for opportunity have enabled her to maximize winners, be they companies, governments, non-profit institutions, or people.


Through her work with hundreds of high-capacity leaders and executives, Whitney noticed a troubling trend. Her clients had big professional goals and personal aspirations, but they were pulled in so many different directions that they struggled to achieve the goals that truly mattered most to them. Even worse, many of them risked professional and personal burnout.

Hands-on coaching program for high achievers

Whitney hated seeing this struggle, especially since it was one she had once experienced herself. Whitney went from the brink of utter personal and professional devastation to building her own thriving business with the flexibility to be a super engaged mom and the financial freedom to travel and take vacations whenever she wanted. She knew firsthand the strategies to enable others to build the life of their dreams.

Drawing on her background in Anthropology, Whitney conducted hundreds of interviews with individuals and executives struggling to live up to their full potential. Whitney combined these insights with her own experience to create her signature coaching program, Take Back Your Time. After seeing Take Back Your Time’s early participants achieve amazing outcomes, Whitney committed to expanding the program to empower even more high achievers to live out their fullest potential. 

take back your time

She equips clients with newfound clarity on their goals, the specific strategies to achieve them, and the support and accountability to build the lives they’ve always wanted.

Advance their careers 
Launch successful businesses 
Spend the level of quality time they wanted with their loved ones 
Live the lives they longed for

Through Take Back Your Time, Whitney has helped her clients 

A highly sought-after facilitator and speaker, Whitney captivates audiences with her incredible insight and unflinching candor. Her approachability and authenticity create immediate rapport, enabling in-depth discussions that delve far below the surface to create truly transformative moments for all who hear her speak.

Moreover, Whitney’s commitment to tangible outcomes ensures audiences walk away with actionable steps they can take to create lasting impact in their own lives.



Working with Whitney in the program has helped me to achieve quality results. I've also become more resolved in my identity in who I am and how I want to show up. I would highly recommend it to others who desire to take back their time and achieve success on greater levels. 

New York, NY
Management Consultant


I have definitely achieved my desired outcomes of unapologetically articulating my goals and of developing clarity on what I need to do to achieve those goals. The accountability that comes from meeting regularly with Whitney has made the biggest difference.

Washington, DC
CEO, Harley Consulting Group


I learned what I wanted to achieve out of life, and I’ve certainly improved in doing the things I truly want to do. Whitney is an amazing teacher who excels at figuring out what you need before you do.
I highly recommend Take Back Your Time. It was genuinely helpful.

Atlanta, GA
Events Director


I wanted to achieve a deeper sense of satisfaction with my work and personal relationships and Whitney's firm pushes were very helpful. The early weeks of the program felt revolutionary -- to set aside time to just focus on myself, define my personal happiness, and prioritize what matters to me.

Washington, DC
Owner, Yoga Heights


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