CREATE & CULTIVATE: Is Promoting Your Business During a Pandemic Sleazy?

Whitney White at Create and Cultivate

In a guest post for Create & Cultivate, Whitney talks about business promotion during the coronavirus pandemic. During times of crisis like COVID-19, many businesses struggle to find the right line between respecting the impact of the crisis and keeping momentum going with marketing. Just because your business might not provide products or services that directly relate to the pandemic doesn’t mean that your business isn’t valuable, Whitney explains. 

Instead of putting all your marketing efforts on pause, Whitney recommends finding new ways to show up for both current and future customers. Times like these also call for even more authenticity and sensitivity in marketing. Whitney encourages business owners to remember that things are moving at a different pace and that a one-size-fits-all approach likely won’t yield the desired results. 

Whitney also details two practical suggestions to help business owners think through their marketing efforts during times of crisis. 

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