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You’re impacting society in incredible ways. You're building the wealth you envisioned for yourself and your loved ones. Your relationships are as fulfilling as you dreamed. 

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Take Back Your Time

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Whitney’s Take Back Your Time coaching program will help you cut through the noise of the million and one things on your plate that have you on the brink of disaster and shift you to living each day knowing you’re moving in your purpose and are on track to be the person you’re destined to be.  

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that will help you get clear on the goals that matter to you the most, build the path to achieving those goals, and stay on track to maximizing your full potential.

Through Take Back Your Time, Whitney helps high-potential leaders who have accomplished a lot in life and have ambitious visions for even more. Their problem is that they’re pulled in so many directions that they end up overwhelmed, feeling like they’re on the brink of disaster, and that at any minute they will be exposed as a failure.

Whitney helps them make the shift to maximize their true potential professionally, while being a good partner or parent, and enjoying life.

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is a hands-on COACHING PROGRAM

Take Back
Your Time


Stop feeling like you’re investing so much of yourself yet never getting the outcomes you want.

Free yourself from the stress and anxiety of feeling behind, overwhelmed, and underachieving.

Experience the freedom of truly OWNING your time and choosing what you will and will not do with it!

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Take Back Your Time

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Since Take Back Your Time, I’ve been able to confidently walk into the life I’d wanted for myself but was too afraid to own. I’ve now taken huge steps to advance my business while making time for priorities in my personal life. The reason I’m able to move in confidence instead of fear is because of Whitney.

Washington, DC


Through Take Back Your Time, I have made significant changes to how I approach my days. Whitney has been an excellent coach and design partner in mapping out what I want my time to look like and equipping me to make that happen. I definitely recommend Take Back Your Time to others.

Washington, DC
Management Consultant


Whitney asked me critical questions that challenged my thinking about what and how I wanted to achieve my goals and helped me sharpen them and be more action oriented. I feel way more confident about my goals than I ever have and am looking forward to crushing them.

Ivanhoe, Netherlands
Product Manager


I was looking for more focused goal setting, clarity on the steps needed to achieve my goals, and ideas on how to become more efficient. Through working with Whitney, I realized that I already knew exactly where I wanted my life to go; I just needed to focus on how to get there efficiently.

Atlanta, GA

Dr. Grant

Whitney has been building profitable businesses since her childhood and has established herself as a high-impact entrepreneur who maximizes the potential of her clients. She runs a successful innovation practice serving startups, corporate innovation teams, small businesses, and nonprofits.

She has worked with hundreds of high-capacity leaders and noticed a troubling trend in the leaders and executives she worked with. Her clients had big professional goals and wanted to live the kinds of lives they dreamed of as parents and partners, but were pulled in so many different directions day to day that they struggled to achieve those goals that truly mattered to them most.

take back your time

the story

Whitney hated seeing this and took action to fix the issue by sharing the principles she used to build a life running her own thriving business, be a super engaged mom, and gain the financial freedom to travel and take vacations whenever she wanted. 

After seeing several of her clients improve their lives as a result of these principles, she decided to launch Take Back Your Time and has helped her clients leave jobs they hated, start new businesses, and live the life they longed for. The results have been so incredible that Whitney decided to double down and scale up Take Back Your Time to help as many people as she can.

I wanted to achieve better clarity around the direction of my next 1-2 years and how that direction was going to enable me to achieve my goal of a career in experience design. After working with Whitney, I definitely have a clearer direction. I also know the exact steps to take (or not take).

Atlanta, GA
Management Consultant


I came into the program needing to determine what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to achieve more clarity around my strengths and how to turn them into revenue. Now, I have created goals and a strategy to achieve those outcomes. It was a great program and I would recommend it to others.

Seattle, WA
Sr. Program Manager, Human Resources


I wanted to come out of the program with an achievable plan to paint more. Everything has gone amazingly well. I am painting way more than before and have a sustainable model to achieve future goals as well. I would definitely recommend Take Back Your Time to friends and colleagues.

Atlanta, GA
Program Manager


I wanted tools to help me better manage my time and focus more intentionally on my goals. I thought the opportunity for holistic one-on-one coaching would help me achieve that. I’ve recommended Take Back Your Time to friends. It’s practical and relatable across professions and stages in life .

Washington, DC
Senior Analyst


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