Build the freedom to enjoy life now while knowing you’re living up to your full potential (without running yourself into the ground)!

Develop a sixth sense for time wasters and a keen ability to avoid getting sucked into them. 

Avoid busy traps and discover where to invest your time and energy to get the biggest return on your life goals.

Break free from your never-ending to do lists and dedicate crucial time to push forward on your passion projects. (Even if your work day is zapping all your energy and brain power!)

Define success on your own terms and focus on what matters most to you! (Even if you have colleagues, family, or friends pulling you in different directions!)

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Whitney is the Founder of Afara Global, where she has worked with hundreds of high-capcity business leaders. Through her signature coaching program, Take Back Your Time, Whitney helps clients cut through the noise of the million and one things on their plates and get on a clear path to achieving those goals that truly matter to them most.

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Whitney is a master strategist. She is a natural problem solver and is one of the best assests I have as I grow my business. Whitney’s guidance led to increasing my number of clients by 300% and increasing my company’s revenue by over 450% in the middle of a pandemic.

Arlington, VA
Lead Health Coach & Trainer, Fit Hidden Figure


While I found everything in the curriculum to be critical, the biggest value is Whitney herself. She believes in what she teaches and is right there to help push us over the hump when we have a goal but are not sure how it will fit in our day to day. She helps convince us that we can make it work, and that we will. 

Chicago, IL


I could have saved 7 years of confusion and frustration if I had done Whitney’s accelerator earlier. The level of useful information for those looking to grow their business is invaluable. I definitely recommend it for those who want sound guidance to grow their business. 

Atlanta, GA
CEO & Founder, ibii


Along with the awesome tools that Whitney used to organize my goals and dreams, her skill in teaching how to set boundaries was key. People who are serious about seeking this shift NEED to know about this program. There is no price too steep for receiving a new lease on life!

Woodbridge, VA
Owner, The Source: Massage, Wellness, & Skin Care




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