But when there's so much to do and so many decisions to make day-to-day, it's hard to know whether or not you're on the right track. You don’t want to spin your wheels or waste time on the wrong strategies. 

you dreamed of the independence and financial freedom that would come with owning your own business and working for yourself full time

small business

you need a guide -
a successful business owner who has been where you are and knows              what it takes to grow your business 

combines the foundations of her signature coaching program, Take Back Your Time, with a curriculum tailored to help business owners like you take the steps to grow your business, achieve financial freedom, and live the life you want. The Small Business Accelerator helps business owners leave stress and uncertainty behind by equipping them with the tools to grow their business while freeing up time to enjoy life in the present.

the guidance you need
to           your business

Plus special guest experts to help you fully assess the current state of your business, identify opportunities for growth, and solve your most pressing challenges.

through the small business accelerator program, you’ll receive hands-on training, individualized coaching, executive-level mentorship, and ongoing support from Whitney 

You’ll also join a powerful community of fellow business owners with whom you’ll share experiences, get support, and collaborate as you all grow your businesses. 

Hire the right people for your business and manage them effectively to unleash their full potential

Develop and execute strategies to obtain capital and ensure optimal cash flow

Improve sales, marketing, and business development to grow revenue

Streamline operations to save time, cut costs, and boost customer experience

Improve existing products and design new products to increase revenue

will :


Having Whitney to discuss things with when she’s so methodical and has experience in small businesses was very empowering. The systems Whitney helped me implement in my office are truly invaluable. Doing the program made me feel less isolated and made sure I moved forward in my businesses.

Atlanta, GA
Owner & Doctor of Optometry, EyeServe

Dr. Ngoddy

The one-on-one sessions with Whitney and her team and the exercises were truly eye opening. I was forced to be honest with myself and my business. I would like to thank Whitney and her team for truly changing my life by guiding me to get back in touch with my passion for photography. 

Woodbridge, VA
Owner, Costa Dino Photography


The growth I experienced during the accelerator was more than I imagined. Having the opportunity to work through things one on one with Whitney and her team, particularly the logistics and operations of the business was a huge help.

Washington, DC
Owner, Paisley Creamery 


Reclaim time to do the things you enjoy and live your life to the fullest!

Become part of a powerful network of business owners all elevating to the next level in their businesses and their lives.

Grow your business with confidence as you implement proven approaches to make your business more efficient and more profitable.

Stop wasting precious time with strategies that don’t work and leave you feeling frustrated. 


There’s never been a better time to seize the independence of working for yourself full time and the financial freedom
that comes from growing your business to its full potential

I wanted to grow my side gig into a full time job and knew Whitney could help me get on track to grow my business. Whitney and her team's commitment and persistence in getting me the knowledge I needed and holding me accountable to getting things done made all the difference.

Johannesburg, South Africa
CEO, Impaque 


I feel so much more in control because of Whitney’s coaching. Now, I’m making conscious decisions that have propelled me forward in growing my business, spending more quality time with my family, and nurturing my gifts as a musician. 

Atlanta, GA
Founder & CEO, C. Elise School of Music


The program is very helpful to small businesses with limited resources who want to strategically compete. We were able to finetune our marketing, increase revenue, and grow profitability, all while providing an even higher level patient experience.

Atlanta, GA
Sr. Advisor, East Atlanta Pediatric Dentistry


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