WORKED UP: How to Find Time for the Things You Love


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Whitney spoke to members of the Worked Up community and shared advice on taking back your time in the midst of chaos. Worked Up is a community of women on a mission to close the gender gap in the workplace and empower leaders by providing women from all backgrounds equal access to opportunities they need to thrive in their careers. Along with sharing tips for taking back your time, Whitney answered questions about prioritizing time well so you can stand out at work without sacrificing time for personal enjoyment. 

How can you prioritize your time so that you shine at work and still have time for yourself?

No matter how much you love your job, everyone has interests and passions outside of work. Whitney always coaches her clients to think about their life holistically instead of defining themselves solely in terms of their work. This means it’s critical to spend time outside of work doing things you love. Blocking out time for meetings or projects at work is a common practice, but most people don’t use this tactic for their personal lives. Making time to do the things you enjoy — things that recharge you — is so important, and it helps you show up in every aspect of your life, not only your work. 

If you want to start prioritizing time to do what you love, Whitney recommends starting with a focus on one activity and blocking out one to two hours per week to spend on it. Hold yourself accountable to actually spend the time you’ve blocked and get into a rhythm of regularly committing time to that activity. As you start to build a new habit, you’ll get positive reinforcement from doing something that you love and you’ll be able to identify ways to carve out more time each week to spend on that activity. Or, you can add on a second activity that you enjoy. Remember that you don’t have to run yourself ragged now to enjoy life later. Instead, be intentional about making space in your day to do things you love that will energize and restore you in the present moment. 

Making time to do the things you enjoy outside work is so important, but too often we are made to feel like we’re wasting time or being unproductive if we’re not actively working. Whitney considers personal enjoyment to be one of the key pillars to success in life — not only in your career. 

When you look at your whole life beyond your career, you can get crystal clear on the things that truly matter most to you. Getting that clarity will help you recognize the areas that you want to be a priority in your life, including the things that bring you happiness and enjoyment. With expert guidance, support, and accountability from Whitney, you can get the clarity you need to build a path to achieving your goals so you can know that you’re on track to becoming the person you’re destined to be.  Schedule an application call with Whitney today if you’d like her help to Take Back Your Time.

November 9, 2021

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