Entrepreneur: How to Accelerate Gains for Your Small Business in Uncertain Times


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Small businesses are a vital part of their communities, often serving as a surrogate family for employees and customers, a meeting place for neighbors, and the soul of the neighborhood. Whitney has spent years helping start-ups, business owners, and corporations launch and scale new ventures and realize their dreams. In a guest post for Entrepreneur, the preeminent American magazine specializing in business and entrepreneurship news, Whitney shared how she created and launched a program specifically tailored to help small businesses. Through the Small Business Accelerator, Whitney helps business owners surmount business challenges and build strategies to achieve success by providing them with the proper tools and support. 

This accelerated business coaching program helps business owners identify the outcomes they want and the actions they need to take to achieve those outcomes, along with the accountability to effect lasting change for their businesses. In the Small Business Accelerator, cohorts meet weekly for discussion, exercises, and explorations of real-world case studies. Business owners also receive individual, one-on-one deep dives and regular follow ups. After the success of the first cohort, Whitney expanded the Small Business Accelerator to include corporate, governmental, and organizational partners that can benefit from creating tailored accelerator programs to support small businesses in their communities.

Read the full article in Entrepreneur to learn more about the Small Business Accelerator and the successes early cohort members have already achieved. 

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July 26, 2021

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