PROTÉGÉ PODCAST: Whitney A. White is Reclaiming Your Time


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Whitney joined host Rory Verrett on an episode of Protégé Podcast to talk about time management. Rory is a talent, diversity, and leadership expert who has helped major organizations like Harvard University, The New York Times, Boeing, and the NFL recruit, retain, and develop their talent. Through Protégé Podcast he helps listeners pursue the career of their dreams by providing insights, inspiration, and truth. Rory asked Whitney to delve into her experiences as an executive coach and innovation guru helping professionals, executives, and leadership teams work more effectively by strategically managing their time. 

In this episode, Whitney provides actionable steps for taking back your time with tips for managing your calendar and prioritization. From her experience working with high-potential professionals, Whitney recognized that the biggest mistake people are making in managing their time is that they’re not managing it at all. Instead of being intentional with our time and recognizing time as one of our most valuable assets, we simply try to get it all done. 

Whitney explains that by taking a step back and looking at how you spend your time, you can get a clear idea of what it says about your priorities and what you value. Whitney walks through the foundations of her signature coaching program, Take Back Your Time, and how the way we spend our time informs our careers, our lives, and our happiness.

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May 26, 2020

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