THRIVE GLOBAL: Trailblazing Womxn Share the Work and Personal Boundaries That Have Completely Changed Their Life

In a world that prioritizes work and busyness, it’s a common idea that putting more time into your work will give you better results. But, as Whitney shared in an article for Thrive Global, this mindset ends up putting you at risk of burning out and falling short of your true potential. Along with sixteen other trailblazing womxn, Whitney offered tips on how you can protect your time and set yourself up for long-term success by setting boundaries in your personal and professional life. 

Thrive Global Founder and CEO, Ariana Huffington started the organization to raise awareness and help individuals, companies, and communities unlock their true potential and improve their performance and well-being. Along with 16 other womxn entrepreneurs, Whitney shared her advice to help entrepreneurs free themselves from the myth that you have to sacrifice your personal joy and well being in pursuit of your professional goals. Check out the article for actionable advice to help you set boundaries that will help you reclaim your time and achieve your most important goals. 

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