ADVENTURES IN LEADERSHIP: Why Whitney Started Take Back Your Time


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Whitney recently joined Kristie Stocker on KristieTV’s YouTube show Adventures in Leadership for a conversation about “How to Lead in a Time Crunch.” On Adventures in Leadership, Kristie interviews driven professionals from around the world who share expert insights, motivation, and success strategies to help leaders succeed. During the conversation, Whitney shared the origins of her signature coaching program, Take Back Your Time, and why she created it to help high-potential leaders achieve their most important goals. 

What’s the story behind the creation of Take Back Your Time?

Whitney started her innovation practice, Afara Global, in 2011. Over the years, as she worked with innovation clients to launch and scale their businesses, she noticed a trend. The high-potential people she worked with had incredible visions for the impact they wanted to have on their organizations, the country, and the world. Not only did they have these big visions, they also had the potential to make these visions into realities. 

But, these people all had something else in common. They were so bogged down by their never-ending, daily to-do lists and by all the things on their plate that they couldn’t get clear and focused on their goals. After Whitney observed so many executives and leaders struggle to achieve their professional goals and live the lives they dreamed of as parents and partners, she was inspired to create a solution. 

Whitney’s signature coaching program, Take Back Your Time, is based on the principles that she used to build the life she truly wanted. Whitney went from the brink of personal and professional devastation to running her own thriving business, being a super engaged mom, and gaining the financial freedom to travel and take vacations whenever she wanted. She also conducted hundreds of interviews with individuals and executives who struggled to live up to their full potential. Whitney combined the strategies from her own experience with insights from these interviews and created the curriculum for Take Back Your Time. 

Whitney recognized that even when high achievers know what they need to do to reach their goals, they often  lack the support and accountability to get there. It’s not easy to create new habits and new mindsets, but with support and accountability, leaders can stay on track and build new routines that help them get the outcomes that matter most to them. One of the many reasons why Whitney loves working with clients through Take Back Your Time is that she can see that the outcomes her clients want are right around the corner, and she knows she can help them get there. 

You can read some of their stories for yourself and find out more about Take Back Your Time here. With Whitney’s guidance, Take Back Your Time alumni have launched successful businesses, found new fulfillment in their careers, invested quality time in their relationships with loved ones, and started living the lives they longed for. 

September 16, 2020

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