BUSINESS INSIDER: Why These 24 Entrepreneurs Left Corporate Jobs to Start Their Own Business

Entrepreneurs choose to leave behind their traditional roles for a wide variety of reasons — they want more flexibility in their schedules, they want more autonomy, they want to make a bigger difference for people and organizations. In a recurring column for Business Insider, Dreamers & Doers features stories from women entrepreneurs who left their corporate jobs to start their own businesses, change their lives, and change the lives of their customers and clients.

In the column, Whitney shared the story of how she became a full-time entrepreneur and the guiding principles that she used to build her successful businesses. Whitney’s entrepreneurial streak and determination to live life on her own terms led her to create and launch her innovation firm, Afara Global, and her coaching practice, Take Back Your Time. Read the full column to learn more about Whitney’s story and hear from other inspiring women entrepreneurs.

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